Why St. Therese?

Why should you choose St. Therese?

  1. Strong Catholic Identity
  2. Stewardship school that promotes time, talent, and treasure
  3. Involved, dedicated and caring faculty and staff who take vested interest in each students’ success
  4. Students learn the value of stewardship through the various service projects that occur yearly
  5. School wide engagement in various activities/learning experiences
  6. Parents to Lunch
  7. Yearly theme that continually promotes awareness of Jesus’ lessons
  8. Safe environment with small class sizes
  9. Commitment to technology use to enhance education
  10. Dedicated Mothers’ Club involvement that solely promotes the improvement of student resources.

Parent Testimonials

"If you have a child that struggles the teachers and staff will give them every opportunity to truly succeed. If you have a child that excels, that child will be challenged. Average students always seem to become above average students. Above all that, St. Therese School not only recites their school mission everyday, they live it!"

"My wife and I couldn't be happier with St. Therese! A student-focused, dedicated and veteran faculty with a sense of mission, combined with the strong Christian faith that underpins every activity, has made it an excellent choice for our daughters. Both of them have been well-prepared to make the most of their high school years."

"We had considered several Catholic school options when our son was entering Kindergarten. It was difficult to know if you were making the right choice. However, we could not be more thrilled with our son and our whole family being welcomed into the St. Therese Family. The teachers are kind and experienced, and produce strong learners. We love St. Therese not only for the outstanding academics, but also all the unique opportunities that make it feel like a family. From being invited to lunch with my son and his friends, to watching the students collaborate on student led service projects, participate in mass and other faith-based activities, to seeing the whole student body support one another and get involved in the Mustang Classic- not only is our son getting a wonderful experience, but our whole family is as well. #StThereseFamily pride!"

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